About me...

Welcome to Sharasaur.

Collosseum in Rome after lockdown. Sharsaur.comI'm from Co.Clare in the West of Ireland but at this point you could consider me a bit of a nomad. From spending my 20's working at sea from Greenland to East Russia and all ends of Africa with travel in-between. I've lived in Galway, Brighton and Lyon and now I am based in Naples, Italy in more recent years. I have been lucky to experience so much!






Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly in an Irish Garden

Growing up in the countryside on the banks of the River Shannon in County Clare. I was always drawn to the ocean and nature from spending time outside at the nearby lakes and meadows, rockpooling on family beach days in West Clare and on holidays in Co. Kerry to surfing, scuba diving, and other water sports. If it's in the sea I'll be right there! ;) Even from sitting inside on rainy days and looking out on the garden birds or waders in the meadow I have been enthralled by wildlife.

Bird Photographer Sharon Sheehan of Sharasaur.com


Fin Whale Photography by Sharon Sheehan, www.sharasaur.comMy early career started with marine mammal observation for seismic surveys. It was an amazing experience to travel and see the world's oceans, how could I not purchase my first dSLR camera, my Nikon D300s. With the unique opportunity to see dolphins, whales, seabirds and new parts of the world it was a must. I wanted to record everywhere I went with beautiful photos.


Sealion diving. Photography by Sharon Sheehan www.sharasaur.com
So with this I have a library of photography that I'm now delving into and finding inspiration to create patterns and designs from African wildlife to garden birds including finches, tits and sparrows and floral themes too. Each design is full of fond memories and experiences. Every pattern has a story. Sharasaur is a place where I can share my designs with the world as I create them and I hope that other nature and wildlife enthusiasts get joy from them too. Welcome to my wildlife clothing company!