Top 10 Bird Memes

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Get a look at the Top 10 Bird Memes


Feelin under the feather today?

Don’t worry these bird memes are the perfect tweatment, so cheep up! Take a quick break from birdwatching or your searching your garden for wildlife and check out some of the funniest and best bird meme’s on the internet!


Brighten up your day with some of the best animal memes for birders, whether you are into garden birds or further afield species like African birds these are not just cheep laughs! You’ll be caw-ling your friends about these after!


1) I tweeted.. before it was popular. 

A dignified male chaffinch with his cute spectacles. 

I tweeted before it was popular chaffinch meme

2) Day after leg day... The penguin waddle.  

An Adélie penguin doing the penguin waddle after crushing it at the gym. Bird leg day!  Their legs may be short but they are super strong! If too sore after leg day they can do a bit of their classic tobogganing!

Day after leg day. The penguin waddle meme.


3) Haters gonna hate... 

A proud Secretary bird marching those long legs and stunning feathers across the Savannah for all to see. 

Haters gonna hate secretary bird meme.

4) Next year we are going further south! 

Snow covered Canada Geese all cuddled together with holiday plans for warmer climes. Which silly goose chose this cold destination?!

Next year we are going further south! Canada Geese Meme.


5) To be or not to be? That is the question.

A philosophical Peregrine Falcon contemplates the ultimate question.

What bird meme would say it better than this wise Peregrine?

funny falcon meme asks to be or not to be? that is the question.

6) Coffee Owls. 

Which coffee owl are you? A little flock of little owls proving everyone is different!

Coffee Owls Meme. Decaf, Espresso, Regular or Half Caf. 



A bad ass robin, territorial as always, protects his place on the bird table! 

What a crazy bird meme!

This is Sparta! Robin meme. Robin kicks blue tit off the bird table.


8) Everyday I'm Puffle'in. 

An Atlantic Puffin doing the shuffle! Bet you can't get that tune out of your head now right? 

Everyday I'm Puffle'in Atlantic Puffin Meme


9) Yeah, yeah, I know. I wanted black but these were the only ones that fit. 

A Blue Footed Booby showing off his brand new webbed shoes! Those bird feet look awesome!

Blue footed booby meme


10) Bitch I'm Fabulous 

A Royal Flycatcher knowing its worth! Fanning out a beautiful red crown of feathers for all to see. 


bitch i'm fabulous royal flycatcher meme


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