Garden Birds Towel

Garden Birds Towel

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Garden Birds

This Garden Bird design has been created from photography of common Irish birds in my family garden in Co. Clare in the West of Ireland.

Some of these birds include Goldfinches, Siskins, Chaffinches, Collared Doves, Bullfinches, Blue tits and Great tits. 

These birds are also found in much of Britain and Europe. They make it through to Spring each year after some hardy winters with a little help from us and our bird feeders. All the while providing us bird lovers and gardeners with much entertainment and joy. 



Why not indulge yourself with our garden bird-designed stylish beach towel, perfect for a day out at the beach or for a spot of backyard sunbathing.

Our large beach towel measures 140 x 70 cm and is perfect for sunbathing on the beach or a picnic in the park.

Our towels are made with a soft looped cotton face on one side and a 100% microfiber fast drying polyester on the printed side providing a stunning and durable image that will not fade even in a hot wash.

  • 50% cotton, 50% microfiber polyester
  • Cotton knit loop
  • Soft & absorbent
  • Folded & sewn edges