Stylish black pocket T-shirt with an elephant on the pocket

Elephant Pocket T-Shirt

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African Elephant

This beautiful red elephant crossed the Galana River to where we were staying at the Kulalu Camp in Kenya and gave us a show! 

We were meant to leave the camp having finished our game drives but he decided to visit our tent so we just had to stay a little while longer. Wandering along the camp paths up and down from the river, pulling on branches with not a care in the world it made a lovely viewing to end our few days on safari. 


Pocket Tee

Great style for men. It's simple with a unique design on the pocket. Choose from african animals, garden birds to floral designs

* Back is plain black
* Environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing
* 100% cotton t-shirt (Pocket is 100% Polyester)
* 140gsm


3 - 5 business days approximately. 


Waste-free consumerism.
No stock. No waste. No overproduction.

Sharasaur photographic prints, homeware, and apparel are only printed and shipped on demand to avoid contributing to the fashion industry waste that adds to global scale pollution. Join us in being more sustainable for the future of our world and the wildlife that belongs here by choosing sustainable fashion. 


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