White enamel camping cup with repeating pattern of bee eater birds

Bee-Eater Bird Camping Mug

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Bee-Eater Birds

This beautiful group of birds with vibrant colours can be found around Europe, Africa & Asia. The featured bee-eater for my collection is the Madagascar Bee-Eater bird. Bright green feathers, a perfectly long beak, and a stripe through the eye.

This particular African bird is unforgettable especially when groups of them are seen lined up in a row.


The Camping Mug

The perfect bee-eater bird camping mug for bird enthusiasts. Get your lightweight, robust and useful mug here. Always have your own special mug for hot drinks when on the trail or camping. It’s easy to attach to your backpack so you don’t accidentally forget it.  Take your love of bee-eaters into your fashion with this perfect bird pattern.

  • Material: Enamel
  • Dimensions: height 3.14, (8 cm), diameter 3.54‚(9 cm)
  • White coating with a silver rim
  • Hand-wash only
  • Attention! Don't heat liquids or food directly in the mug‚ it can damage the coating. 


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